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Here are some of the institutions where I have provided strategic communications & marketing, cultural intelligence and Diversity training for senior executives, leading professionals, academics and low income youth.


"Rodrigo lead coaching program was an useful and interesting experience. Creating the habit through strongly motivating and effective tools was the main gain of the program for me. Even though I had to make a long brake I am still developing myself based on my program's strategies. Today I have recognized the value of taking the compatible and motivating strategic actions suggested by my program and organizing my very restric time to execute them. I got information about many resources and strategies to continuously help my development in a more effective way. In addition to that, the individual approach and the dedication of my coach were the differentials on the impact on myself."

MÔNICA ASSIS, Education, Health and Communications Technologist at Brazil's cancer reference institution, NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE



"The program designed and lead by Rodrigo showed me that it was possible to communicate with people from other parts of the planet. The ability to communicate internationally has enabled me, among several other things, to participate in an exchange program in the United States and Zambia, an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I met and keep in touch with a global network with people from all continents. Nowadays I am finishing my Masters in Education in the Souther Hemisphere largest university and I planning to do my PhD abroad, a possibility that I thought it was impossible before meeting Rodrigo."

JULIO VITOR COSTA, Sociologist at UPP, Rio de Janeiro's main social development programs 

"The program was fundamental to the development of my cultural intelligence to my work environment that is essentially with people from 5 continents . My communication skills, strategic thinking, public speaking, capacity to engage staff and crisis management were elevated to a much higher level and compatible with my most ambitious career goals in a way that I never imagined it could and how fast it take."

Leading professional at CHEVRON

"Starting a coaching program with Rodrigo and his team had an extraordinary impact on my career. It was efficiently focused on developing abilities that few executives really dedicate time to. I started a program with the impression I was going to just improve my public speaking and language skills. It helped me to understand how much being a global professional involves several other specific communications skills that are very related to different cultural ways to operate professionally. I'm now a much more efficient communicator, negotiator and I understand people's diversity and how to generate creativity, innovation and opportunities out of it. For sure in a much more edifying way than I used to before starting my program."

Executive at SAP

"My effectiveness on interviews with the press and at public speaking after I started the coaching program lead by Rodrigo and his team increased so clearly that most of my colleagues commented. My program provided a variety of options I never thought I could use and they worked in a fantastic way. Now the quality of my performance in challenging communications situations is compatible with what I need. And I know how to improve it myself, in an secure, independent and effective way"

Executive at VALE

"My program development philosophy empowered me to learn more about myself, to discover my strengths and weaknesses and rethink my goals and strategies primarily. I discovered that my main obstacle and the opportunities I wanted were related to improving my professional cultural competence and developing communication skills that work differently around the world. Within two years I was promoted three times. Rodrigo and his team understand how to ensure the results, to maintain motivation and develop the best strategies to help me develop as fast as I want as well as to stay focused."


"Now I can see the easiest ways to opportunities, avoid crisis and lead without hesitation on Communications. Rodrigo and his team deserve credit for showing me the path of an innovative and efficient manner. The relevance and accuracy of the themes explored in the program is simply fantastic and helped me to become a more effective communicator in situations outside the common culture of most Latin countries' businesses."

Senior Professor at Rio de Janeiro Federal University


RODRIGO SILVA de PAULA consulting, mentoring & executive coaching


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