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Investigative Journalist

Here a small sample of some of my awarded print and broadcast pieces for some of the most respected news corporations in the American continent. Click on the images to watch the videos or read the pieces.
TV Globo

The world's second major commercial broadcast and one of its largest and most awarded media corporations, TV Globo is one of the highest performing journalism environments one can choose to work at in the planet. My experience started at the metro desk and from there I went to JORNAL NACIONAL, the most watched prime time news broadcast in the Western World. I was in charge of selecting the national wide local stories that were going to make it to the national primetime stage. I was also part of the team covering General Elections, the Fifa World Cup and other major national and international events. 

Jornal do Brasil

At the age of 19, in my second week at the newsroom I discovered and investigated a story that was nominated to Brazil's most important journalism award, the Exxon PrizeArguably the most prestigious, iconic and historic newspapers in Brazil's history, Jornal do Brasil was also home to Latin America'a most awarded journalists. I had experience working at the Business, Politics, World, Culture, Technology, Literature, Lifestyle, Sports, Metro and TV gossip desks and had the opportunity to interview chiefs of state, global newsmakers and cultural icons as well as to participate on the coverage of events that transformed Brazil's history. 

Spin Magazine

Spin is an awarded culture and music magazine noted for its broad culture and innovation coverage. The magazine have an eclectic and bold style that pointedly provided a national alternative to Rolling Stone's more establishment-oriented editorial perspectives. Spin prominently placed newer artists such as R.E.M., Prince, Run-D.M.C., Eurythmics, Beastie Boys, and Talking Heads, on its covers and did lengthy features on established figures such as Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Miles Davis, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and John Lee Hooker, as well as world wide social and cultural pieces and investigative journalism.


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