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about me

I am a global business leader, social entrepreneur, strategic communications and cultural competence expert, specialized in promoting business and social innovation by leading North American and Latin American corporations and institutions with highly diverse workforces and ambitious goals.


As the leader of a Team of Executive Coaches and Mentors in Strategic Communications and innovation through Diversity, I have helped hundreds of senior executives and leading professionals at Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporations, in 4 continents.


For 3 consecutive years, I have been selected by major institutions in the United States as one of the world's most innovative and effective entrepreneurs promoting Sustainable Development.

I also have been collaborating with programs focused on developing leadership and management skills, training mentors, working with Diversity, improving communications and cultural competence - such as the IMPACT MENTORSHIP and COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP from local Neighbourhood Houses.


Both as a lecturer, Human Rights researcher and Sustainable and Human Development advocate I have been invited to do public speaking and workshops on business and social innovation, leadership, communications, Diversity, cultural competence, inequalities and Sustainable Development by several institutions in different countries including the USA, Canada and Brazil. Some were academic centres such as the University of Oregon and Johns Hopkins University, other multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank and the United Nations. The list also includes governmental bodies and non-profit organizations such as Health Canada, Vancouver Public Library and BC Neighbourhood Houses.


I have extensive experience as a writer and as an international investigative reporter, researching and writing about the most crucial issues of our time. As a member of the Global Reporting Center's Advisory Board - a team that includes some of the most awarded journalists and investigative reporters in the planet - I am able to dedicate some time to my passion for solutions-oriented journalism and using innovations to highlight important neglected stories around the world.


My other passions and skills are to solve big, challenging and strategic problems, combine business and social innovation, strategic communications, intra/entrepreneurship, and cultural competence – with a global perspective – in order to promote effective worldwide Sustainable, Human and Community Development with Social Justice.


I also love spending quality time with Family & Friends, surfing, windsurfing, being underwater, being outside the Concrete Jungle, cooking healthy delicious food, sailing, bike commuting, History and learning new useful things.


Global business leader, awareded Innovator and social entrepeneur

For the past 12 years, I have been leading sustainable community development initiatives and sitting on executive boards in the USA, Brazil and Canada. Those initiatives served tens of thousands of people in five continents and partnered with institutions such as the Inter American Development Bank the Inter American Foundation, among other globally renowned institutions.


In 2006 I founded the International Center for Dialogue and Education (ICDE), a global non-profit that develops awarded social innovation and enterprise for Sustainable Development – based in California (USA) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and that operates worldwide. 


At ICDE I have lead a global team of hundreds of highly educated coaches, volunteers and a Multi-Disciplinary Team – from 5 continents – developing pristine strategic communications skills, cultural competence and diversity training for senior executive and high-level management in Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporations, top universities, think tanks, governmental institutions, nonprofits, as well as with thousands of low-income professionals from marginalized communities.

International Human Rights Research Fellow

I have been awarded some high profile international fellowships and scholarships through my academic life, mostly because of my dedication to research and science. As a Global Rights research fellow, I lead an international team of 18 PhD graduated social scientists and researchers. The research included 16 countries and focused on human rights and the interrelationship of education, poverty, inequality and development. I presented the results at the World Bank, Johns Hopkins University, the Third Millenium Foundation among other institutions.

Communications, Diversity and cultural competence expert

I have 2 decades of experience working and leading strategic communications, marketing, cultural competence, public & press relations and media training businesses.


Click here to understand better the kind of service I have been providing and here to understand in which kind of corporate and community environment I have helped improving as wells as to read some testimonials from clients.

Investigative journalist

As a broadcast and print media investigative reporter at some of the largest national prime-time news, newspapers and radio stations in the American continent I investigated and wrote nationally awarded stories and several headlines


I also participated in special coverages such as general elections, global conferences with heads of state as well as major international cultural and sports events - as a reporter, producer and writer - such as the FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympics. 


I worked in Business, Politics, World, Culture, Technology, Literature, Lifestyle, Sports and Metro desks and had the opportunity to interview chiefs of state, global newsmakers and cultural icons. You can see a sample of my pieces here.


I also am a proud member of the Global Reporting Center's Advisory Board - a team that includes some of the most awarded journalists and investigative reporters on the planet. Grown out of the International Reporting Program from the University of British Columbia, the Global Reporting Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting important neglected stories around the world - incorporating innovations and producing solutions-oriented journalism. 




"Versatile reporter who understands the news and knows how to judge and place the facts. He's always well informed about all kinds of subjects and knows how to use his intelligence to find the facts and separate them from opinion. His writing style is simply delicious reading."


"Rodrigo has that extra talent, creativity, curiosity and dedication that separates the good reporters from the excellent ones. He has rare investigative skills and a natural talent that allows him to communicate with every kinds of people."

KEVIN HELDMAN, internationally awarded journalist



"An exceptional talent which we have been looking for a long time."

WILLIAM BONNER, Editor and Primetime News Ancor at TV GLOBO's JORNAL NACIONAL, one of the world's most watched and awarded news broadcast

RODRIGO SILVA de PAULA consulting, mentoring & executive coaching


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