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Most people dream about SUCCEEDING in Global Economy. I have world class proven experience helping Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporations senior executives, professionals and scholars, to transform the challenges of Culturally Diverse environments into opportunities and help you get where you want be. 



  • Promoting Diversity on Leadership for Business Sustainability

  • Inter Cultural Competence training

  • Language training for Specific Purposes

  • Language Learning Acceleration 



  • Improving innovation and business outcomes through Diversity 

  • Team and Individual Mentoring for Culturally Diverse Environments

  • Human and Sustainable Development through Diversity consulting




  • Strategic Communications, Marketing & 
    Public Relations consulting 

  • Exellence in Corporate and Executive Communications 

  • New Medias Training 

  • Coaching for Interviews

"Rodrigo lead coaching program was an useful and interesting experience. Creating the habit through strongly motivating and effective tools was the main gain of the program for me. Even though I had to make a long brake I am still developing myself based on my program's strategies. Today I have recognized the value of taking the compatible and motivating strategic actions suggested by my program and organizing my very restric time to execute them. I got information about many resources and strategies to continuously help my development in a more effective way. In addition to that, the individual approach and the dedication of my coach were the differentials on the impact on myself."


MÔNICA ASSIS, Education, Health and Communications Technologist at Brazil's cancer reference institution, NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE




"The program designed and lead by Rodrigo showed me that it was possible to communicate with people from other parts of the planet. The ability to communicate internationally has enabled me, among several other things, to participate in an exchange program in the United States and Zambia, an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I met and keep in touch with a global network with people from all continents. Nowadays I am finishing my Masters in Education in the Souther Hemisphere largest university and I planning to do my PhD abroad, a possibility that I thought it was impossible before meeting Rodrigo."


JULIO VITOR COSTA, Sociologist at UPP Social, Rio de Janeiro's main social development program

Some Testimonials

RODRIGO SILVA de PAULA consulting, mentoring & executive coaching


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