Here are some of the institutions, businesses and initiatives I have been leading in different continents and with world-class success.

International Center for Dialogue and Education
Founder, Executive Board President and first CEO

The International Center for Dialogue and Education (ICDE) is an awarded global non-profit. Since 2006 ICDE has effectively promoted widely proven economic, human, community and sustainable development as well as constructive diversity, social inclusion and game changing social innovation. ICDE has sucessfully helped thousands of people around the globe - from Fortune 500 and Global 500 senior executives to low income youth in marginalized communities; universities, governamental institutions and think thank leaders - to develop state-of-the-art world class communications and cross-cultural skills and strategies.


Global Reporting Center 
University of British Columbia  
The Global Reporting Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting important neglected stories around the world - incorporating innovations and producing solutions oriented journalism.  I am a proud member of the Global Reporting Center's Honorary Advisory Board in a team that includes some of the most awarded journalists in the planet. 
Strategic Communications in Culturally Diverse Environments Workshops Series, Corporate and Community Training  
I have been developing and leading activities across North America and Latin America focus on helping institutions, leaders and professionals to transform Diversity in to innovation, business development and opportunities as well as better work environments and productivity. 

Strategic Communications for Sustainable
Community Development
Leadership Executive and Community Training

For the past 15 years I have been leading and designing individual and team training programs, workshops and events focused on developing leadership skills through high performance in communications and cultural competence. From the boardroom to young promising professionals - across the continent, including the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Executive Board Member and Volunteer Work


For the past 12 years I have been leading sustainable community development initiatives and sitting on executive boards in the USA, Brazil and Canada. Those initiatives partnered with institutions such as the Inter American Development Bank the Inter American Foundation, among other globally renowned institutions to promote social enterprise and inclusion, Sustainable, Human and Community Development for tens of thousands of people in five continents.


Both as a lecturer, researcher and Sustainable and Human Development advocate, I have been invited to do public speaking and workshops on business and social innovation, leadership, communications, Diversity, cultural competence, inequalities and Sustainable Development by several institutions in different countries including the USA, Canada and Brazil. Some were academic centers such as the University of Oregon and Johns Hopkins University, other multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank, Third Millenium Foundation and the United Nations. The list also include governamental bodies and non-profit organizations such as Health Canada, Vancouver Public Library and BC Neighbourhood Houses.

International Human Rights Research Fellow 
As a Global Rights research fellow I lead an international team of 18 Phd graduated social scientists and researchers. The research included 16 countries and focused on human rights and the interrelationship of education, poverty, inequality and development. I presented the results at the World Bank, Johns Hopkins University, the Third Millenium Foundation among other institutions.



Media & Communications consulting

Corporate Communications, Press & Public Relations, Marketing and Media Training Consultants


I started Top Media in 1998 and we served a full range of clients with pristine results. From nonprofits to artistic enterprises and business of all sizes. Restaurants to artists, for and not for profit, local and international institutions, Top Media increased in average the spontaneous media exposure in 34% and increased public and clients in average 42% for its clients. 

RODRIGO SILVA de PAULA consulting, mentoring & executive coaching


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