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My Team and I have world class proven experience helping Fortune 500 and Global 500 corporations from 5 continents and thousands of their senior executives and leading professionals, to transform the challenges of Strategic Communications, Global Marketing and Culturally Diverse environments into opportunities and help you get where you want. 



Some of the services:


  • Strategic Corporate and Executive Communications coaching

  • JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) consulting

  • Inter Cultural Competence training

  • Strategic Communications, Marketing & Public Relations consulting 

  • Fostering Innovation and Improving business outcomes through Diversity 

  • Mentoring for Leadership in Culturally Diverse Environments

  • Media Training 

  • Promoting Diversity on Leadership for Business Sustainability



Since 2001 I have been leading and developing awarded global business, institutions and social enterprising - focused on using cutting edge innvovation to promote effective Human and Sustainable Development in a transnational  scale.



From print and broadcast journalism, international public speaking, Sustainable and Human Development advocacy, global Human Rights researching, poetry and global social activism I have had multiple awarded experiences with Communications and Diversity in a world wide scale. 


"Over the past three years, I have been using the coaching services provided by Rodrigo and his team. They were utterly important to my professional development. I started my program just as I was joining Praxair, one of the world's largest corporations. I believe that the program's strongly and decisively contributed for me to achieve a recognized performance in my interface with the Sustainable Development vice presidency as well in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Global Strategy in South America. The program also helped me to develop specific strategic communications skills that empowered me to implement pioneering and innovative projects mobilizing different areas of the company. At the Diversity level, it allowed me to have an impact on the policies of the corporation in order to increase the number of women, Indigenous and African Descent and people with disabilities in leadership positions. Throughout this time, I've acquired knowledge and exchanged experiences that certainly are part of who I am today and who I will be in all future steps of my career."

Seize your opportunities in any culture or environment!

JÚLIA LOMBA, Sustainable Development and Communications specialist at PRAXAIR, won several awards after starting a program lead by me and my team.

RODRIGO SILVA de PAULA consulting, mentoring & executive coaching


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